In Defense of Home Hydroponics

25 May

 “Yes, but what about the garden?”

~ Library friend on moving into a smaller home.

Image captured from the Window Farm Project video on YouTube.  See below for video!

Image captured from the Window Farm Project video on YouTube. See below for video!


Though a smaller home does not necessarily mean a smaller yard, it is a fact most of us face.  Apartment dwellers, for one, and room mates, for another, often do not have yard access.  Or, if they do, it’s shared with other who let their delightful pets out for unsupervised walkies.

Once inside the home there is the added issues of space and light.  Or lack thereof.  Dorm living, smaller homes, and apartments  are notorious for lack of natural sunlight.  Which leaves the question: how does one grow a victory garden without light ???


There’s a certain amount of irony in discussing the benefits of buying a hydroponics system to garden with.  The current thought is that the type of garden being grown with these systems is the type of garden that gets smoked.  Small home gardeners of the non-cannabis variety often have to convince landlords that the machines being bought and plugged in are for edible delights of the nutritional type.  The irony?  The know-how and online support in forums is often provided by the very pot growers traditional gardeners seek to distance themselves from.

For small home lovers indoor gardening means tapping into aspects of mindful living.  Space being at a premium drives one to look for alternatives to the outdoor garden.  Viable hydroponic systems can be assembled in a one gallon fish tank, stacked flower pots, and plastic bottles slated for the trash.  There are many systems available in stores that take up no more room than the corner of your desk.


Hydroponics units at full price are expensive.  The good news is this: they units are so abundant now that they’re showing up in the recyclables markets.  That is, one can now find them in thrift stores, yard sales, and often online at ultra cheap prices.

When it comes down to it gardening indoors is about making a choice.  It’s more important than gossip.  And it’s worth talking to the landlord about.  It’s saying that finding a way to in-house nutrition is a priority.  Period.

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.”
  ~ Alfred Austin


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